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Giant Breed Hip & Joint

Having our own Giant Breed (a Great Dane) ultimately led to creating this innovative joint product, specially designed for giant breed dogs (100+ lbs).

These dogs have been underserved by existing joint supplements. We've changed that. And are looking for partners to share in our mission of giving these big dogs and their owners more, better years together.

“It is wonderful to see a company focus on large dogs and a common issue they have with joint disease. The chews are palatable and packed with the core joint care supplements as well as additional anti-inflammatory support. I love the mission of The Big Damn Dog Co. and that they go above and beyond with testing, safety, and efficacy!”

- Dr. Amanda Steffen, DVM


    This is where other products fall short. They simply can't keep up with the needs of these big dog's joints. We've packed in a 35% more potent milligram count per serving size than any other product available. Finally, a supplement designed for their weight class.


    You'll see very familiar ingredients in our formula, all chosen for their studied effectiveness and research-backed benefits. They create a comprehensive approach to joint care: preserving joint function, reducing inflammation, and relieving pain.


    A supplement can't do any good if dogs won't eat it. With our Hip & Joint, picky eaters can rest easy. 100% of our customers have reported their dogs ate the chewable tablets like they were treats. We blame the all-natural chicken flavoring.

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Our Ingredients

Potent. Proven. Delicious.

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Who are we?

Pet owners with the right backgrounds, who found the right partners along the way to bring this product to life. Passion for taking the best care of our Lucy is ultimately what made Giant Breed Hip & Joint. Watch our founding video below to see how it all played out.

Let's get started. Together.

As a veterinarian, you know what's best for our gentle giants. We want to work alongside you to help as many big dogs as we can have more, better years.

Send a message using the form below to connect with us directly and explore partnership opportunities.

We can't wait to change more dog's lives, together.

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