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Specially formulated for giant breeds

Giant Breed Hip & Joint

Giant Breed Hip & Joint

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Specially formulated for giant breeds (100+ pounds) with the best ingredients in convenient chewable tablets. Vet recommended, big dog approved.

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Proudly manufactured in the USA with premium, globally-sourced ingredients.

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    This is where other products fall short. They simply can't keep up with the needs of these big dog's joints. We've packed in a 35% more potent milligram count per serving size than any other product available. Finally, a supplement designed for their weight class.


    You'll see very familiar ingredients in our formula, all chosen for their studied effectiveness and research-backed benefits. They create a comprehensive approach to joint care: preserving joint function, reducing inflammation, and relieving pain.


    A supplement can't do any good if dogs won't eat it. With our Hip & Joint, picky eaters can rest easy. 100% of our customers we polled reported their dogs ate the chewable tablets like they were treats. We blame the all-natural chicken flavoring.

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The highest amount of the right ingredients.

Yes we have the most potent milligram count for a daily serving. And, that daily serving is filled with everything your dog's joints are looking for.

You'll find ingredient dosages founded in research. No fillers, no fluff.

Total Joint Care

Read below for a deep dive into all of the ingredients that were hand-selected for Giant Breed Hip & Joint. Each one checks one or more of these key elements: preserving joint health and function, reducing inflammation, and relieving pain. They work together over the years, creating an environment where joints can thrive, and so can our dogs.

we stand behind our formula

Ingredient Transparency


Supports joint health by promoting cartilage formation, lubrication, reducing inflammation, aiding in cartilage repair, and improving joint function and mobility.


Provides antioxidant benefits, strengthening connective tissues, aiding exercise recovery, and assisting in detoxification processes.


Protecting cartilage, lubricating joints, reducing inflammation, promoting water retention in cartilage, enhancing nutrient delivery, and improving joint comfort and function.

Eggshell Membrane Collagen

Supports joint health by providing collagen, reducing joint pain and inflammation, supplying essential nutrients, protecting against cartilage degradation, and improving overall joint comfort.

Tumeric / Curcumen

Helps in reducing inflammation, providing pain relief, offering antioxidant effects, protecting cartilage, enhancing joint function, and supporting the immune system.


Helps improve blood flow to the joints, reducing inflammation, protecting cartilage, providing antioxidant effects, and supporting the immune system.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Supports joint health through its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, cartilage support, glutathione production, nerve health benefits, and blood sugar regulation.

Green Tea Extract

Promotes anti-inflammatory effects, cartilage protection, antioxidant activity, reduction of joint stiffness, and bone health support.

Pine Bark

Pine bark extract contains antioxidant compounds with anti-inflammatory properties that also support collagen production, helping maintain the integrity of connective tissues.

Vitamin E

Supports joint health through its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, cartilage support, enhanced joint mobility, potential pain relief, and immune system support.


Manganese supports joint health by aiding in cartilage formation and maintenance, providing antioxidant support, activating enzymes crucial for joint health, strengthening connective tissues, promoting bone health, and potentially reducing joint inflammation.

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