Hi! We’re the McLean’s, and when we adopted Lucy, a two year old, 120 pound Great Dane, we had no idea the road we were starting down that led to eventually creating a Giant Breed Joint Support supplement. “Necessity is the mother of invention” is our story, after being educated by our veterinarian that we needed to start Lucy on a joint supplement right away, only to find that not a single product existed for a dog her size. 

And that’s how the first ever Giant Breed Hip & Joint was born. With increased potency - one that actually matches their size - and additional pain reducing, anti-inflammatory, and joint strengthening ingredients, this is the most powerful supplement you can get for your big damn dog. 

We understand what your giant breed needs because we have one. Providing the best possible support for Lucy inspired this product and will continue to be our purpose. From our family to yours, let’s give these big doggos more, better years.

- Jared & Sarah